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Toy Soldiers Achievement List Edit

Pip, Squeak & Wilfred Edit


Survived until round 5 in survival mode. (5G)

Trivia: The name refers to three British campaign metals of the same names given out during WW1, the 1914 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Throw a Seven Edit

Complete a Level in Elite Mode. (15G)

Trivia: The name used means the equivalent to kick the bucket, describing the great difficulty and chance of failure in elite mode.

Coffin Nails Edit

Complete the British Campaign. (30G)

Trivia: The name is a British term for a cigarette.

Old Sweat Edit

Defeated the Uber Tank. (20G)

Flying Pig Edit

Defeated the Zeppelin. (20G)

Old Contemptible Edit

Defeat the Tsar Tank. (20G)

Trivia: The term is the name given to the British Expeditionary Force troops who trained from 1899 to 1914, whom Kasier Whilhelm II called "a contemptible little army".

Fire in the Hole Edit

Guide a shell to its destination. (10G)

Foot SloggerEdit

Earned General Rank on a level. (10G)

Trivia: Refers to the British army slang term for an infantryman.

Jumped the Bags Edit

Complete Level 1. (10G)

Trivia: Refers to leaving a trench for the first time.

Pickled Monkey Edit

Win a multiplayer match on every level. (15G)

Sweet Fancy Adams Edit

Earn General Rank on all Campaign Levels. (20G)

Trivia: Refers to "Sweet Fanny Adams" a murder case where the name given to the murder became a euphemism for "nothing" or "worthlessness".

Brass Hat Edit

Complete Campaign+ and earn all Ration tickets. (25G)

Trivia: Refers to a nickname for high ranking officers, who often worse ceremonial helmets made of brass.

Kaiser's Battle Achievement List Edit

Base Rat Edit

Find all of the Golden Cubes hidden in The Kasier's Battle. (15G)

Landship Edit

Defeat the K-Wagen. (25G)

Grass Cutter Edit

Get a 40x blast combo. (10G)

Invasion! Achievement List Edit

Foo Fighter Edit

Shoot down 40 UFOs with your P-51 Mustang. (10G)

Mr. Roboto Edit

Defeat RoboBob. (25G)

Rocketman Edit

Find all of the Golden Rockets in Invasion! (15G)

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Achievement List Edit

Shocking Results Edit

Defeat the flying tank. (5G)

Sunk! Edit

Defeat the Soviet Sub. (5G)

A Few Loose Screws Edit

Defeat the Soviet Super Tank. (5G)

With Distinction Edit

Earn 11 Decorations. (10G)

Highly Decorated Edit

Earn 22 Decorations. (20G)

Like It Never Happened Edit

Use a Wavelist Rewind. (5G)

A Job Well Done Edit

Earn a platinum medal. (5G)

Effective Tactician Edit

Earn a platinum medal on General. (10G)

Demolition Man Edit

Call in a Commando (5G)

Concentrated Fire Edit

Destroy an IFV before it offloads any infantry. (15G)

I Can't Get A Tone! Edit

Use a fighters machine guns to destroy a Soviet Fighter. (10G)

Brute Force Edit

Destroy a Turret with a Heavy Tank. (10G)

Resolute Edit

Survive more than 9 rounds in any Survival game. (15G)

Synergy Edit

Play any Survival game in Co-op mode. (5G)

In Sync Edit

Earn 10 assists in any Co-op game. (10G)

Clutch Repairs Edit

Earn 5 Rescued! bonuses over any number of games. (10G)

Aggressive Investment Strategy Edit

Launch 4 Offensive Waves in any Versus game. (10G)

King of the Hill Edit

Hold the contested build site at the end of a Versus game. (15G)

Persistence Edit

Play any Mini-Game 3 times consecutively. (5G)

Perseverance Edit

Complete Challenge Level 2 in every Mini-Game. (15G)

Evil Empire Achievement List Edit

The Might of the Red Army Edit

Destroy the Super Tank. (10G)

Counting Stacks Edit

Find 16 Golden Babushka Dolls. (20G)

Broviet Russia Edit

Play Co-op and earn a platinum medal on any level in elite mode. (20G)

Napalm Achievement List Edit

The End of an Odyssey Edit

Destroy the Homer. (10G)

In Memoriam Edit

Find 15 Golden Dog Tags. (20G)

Heated Rivalry Edit

Call in a Napalm Strike in any Versus game. (20G)