armoured cars are fast and deadly vehicles in Toy soldiers, they use powerful machine guns and can often easilly slip by the player defenses- levels throught the campaign feature these enemies to help the player get the ropes as the harder enemy vehicles come in to play


in combat armoured cars will drive forwards at a steady pace firring at whatever obstacles obscure the path to the Toy Box , sometimes coming in waves in which certain cars will go one way and other cars will take the other


  • British- the British armoured car is a Rolls royce armoured car with yellow coloring and British army marking covering both sides of ots metal hull it is armed with a single machine gun and is the smallest armoured vehicle in the british army
  • German- the german armoured car is a E-V/4 armoured car with green colouring and the german iron cross on both sides of the vehicle, the armoured car is twice as tall as the British rolls royce