One of the many unique vehicles in toy soldiers is the biplane bomber. The bomber is an AI and player-controlled vehicle that houses an infinite amount of bombs and are usable in - of the levels in Campaign and Campaign+.


The bomber consists of two canvas wings propelled two propeller engines with 3 soldiers inside a large metal body. Seven bombs are located on the planes belly and can be dropped at any point using the left trigger. Though the bomber only holds seven a time when the bombs run out they reload after 3 seconds giving you an infinite array of explosives. The body consists of one pilot between two machine gunners, the first being on the front of the plane, shooting what is in front of you by using the right trigger or (insert computer key), and the second one being a rear turret that is not usable, but for historical accuracy. Do to it's large size the bomber has little speed and turning ability and have little if any more health than the smaller fighter planes. However just like the fighter planes they have the ability to be speed up and slow down by the use of the analog stick.

Opposing ForcesEdit

Bombers are one of the more rare enemy waves in the campaign. Bombers come in packs ranging from 3 to 5 in small waves and around 4 to 8 on larger waves. Bombers can fly in from any of the four sides of the field and make either single or double bombings by flying straight across the battlefield or slowly circling around it. They pose no threat to your planes when flying for they simply bomb and have no AI in their machine gunners. Most Bombers paths are set to specifically bomb across placement areas or paths that are common for you to travel by tank. Bombers appear as enemies in - different levels in the campaign.


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  • Due to their light health a the small numbers they spawn in only one Anti-Air turret is truly needed to combat them.

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