The British toy soldiers are 1 of 3 armies to command and conquer in Toy Soldiers. The British soldiers are the first to be commanded in the game, being pitted against their German rivals in both the Campaign and Campaign+. They are often seen fighting along side their French allies, and are the other worldly antagonists in the DLC campaign Invasion!


The British army is relentless in fighting to stop the German advancement into Europe and are restless in their effort to protect their people and their homeland. The British are seen fighting along side their allies the French, lending them weapons and vehicles to help them combat the oncoming German advances. The


British Soldiers are encountered wearing bright yellow battle dresses with matching flat yellow helmets that are signature trademarks of the British military, with an array of pouches fashioned along their belts, and heavy knapsacks full of supplies strung over their backs. They are armed with bayonet-fixed rifles and pistols, often stopping to open fire or thrust their bayonets into oncoming German soldiers in close combat, and sport mostly bare and rugged faces, showing signs of wear and tear from long restless battles against the relentless German forces.


British weapons are colored a bright yellow, with their signature red and white stipes emblemized across them. Their designs tend to be bulky and complex, appearing more funcional than stylish with many external mechanics, and requiring many crewman to operate them. British weapons tend to have many soldiers working them, being operated by a 2-5 man firing crew, and coordinated by a British and or French Officer.


British vehicles are colored bright yellow with red and white stripes across the sides or top, and often emblemized with a series of letters and numbers along the sides such as A/2 or a 7. They have more functional designs allowing them to manuever better across more terrains but lacking several defensive designs making them more effective than German vehicles but also much weaker.




  • On several turrets, French soldiers appear as part of the crew, but they don't actually do anything in the animations.