Tier 1 The Stokes Edit


Price: $700

Sell Price: $350

Repair Price: $200

"The shells have an arc as leisurely as a Sunday stroll. Watch out when they land."

Use against infantry and tanks. Limited range.

Tier 2 Newton Edit


Upgrade Price :$1000

Sell Price: $850

Repair Price: $300

"Plenty good at firing rum jars, sausages, toffee apples, footballs, oil cans, plum puddings, or whatever else one might call a mortar shell."

Increased range and vehicle damage.

Tier 3 The Flying Pig Edit


Upgrade Price: $1800

Sell Price: $850

Repair Price: $400

"This mortar enjoys candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, and blowing up anything that comes near it."

Decisive power and health. Long firing arc.