Toy soldiers

German(left) and British(Right)

The Toy Soldiers Campaign revolves around the First World War, often called the Great War or World War One. The British Army is the player faction for the main campaign, while the German Army is controlled in Campaign+, and the French Army is controlled in The Kaisers Battle a piece of Downloadable Content. Both campaigns share a few missions with each other, with unique missions filling in the gaps.


The Campaign goes through Four chapters, each revolving around a certain battle and unique play styles such as using Planes and Tanks. It should be noted that all battles end in British and Allied victories, and German Defeat.

The Great War BeginsEdit

The Great War Begins, is the first chapter (1914) and the opening of WW1 in the Campaign and Campaign+. It focuses on Infantry, Mortars and Chemical weapons. All three battles are based on real events that took place during the First Battle of Ypres.

The Dawn of Aerial CombatEdit

The Second Chapter in (1916) focusses on the creation and the use of Airplanes in war. Large Dogfights for the first time in history are taken place.. The Fort Fifth and Sixth levels in order Fort Vaux, Hill Cote, and Fort Douaumont, are all real battles ending in Allied Victories.

Tanks! Edit

The Third Chapter (1916-1917), Missions Zero Hour: 07:20, U Day, and Battle of the Ancre in Order is the first Chapter to introduce Tanks. It is also where WW1 intensified, and the Americans entered the war(though not seen in-game).

An End in Sight?Edit

The Fourth Chapter (1917-18), is by far in both real life and in-game, the hardest of levels. Both Airplanes and Tanks are included however unlike the previous chapters, only 2 Levels can be played. This Chapter also ends the WW1 and the Game with a allied victory and a german defeat.