The Second Chapter of Toy Soldiers The Dawn of Aeriel Combat, includes like the chaoter before, three levels all focussing on standured infantry and Airplanes. This Chapter takes place during 1916 during The Battle of Verdun.


Fort Vaux, Hill Cote, and Fort Douaumont in order of the fourth fifth and sixth levels which takes place in 1916.

Fort Vaux (British/German)Edit

Fort Vaux the first level to include airplanes. While the Fort in real life switched control from allies to the germans many times, at this point in the game, it is in the British's hands. The fight ends with a british victory as in real life, but later gets recaptured by the Germans only to be abandoned in late 1916.

Hill Cote 304 (British/German)Edit

The Second Battle, as the first, is a British victory

Fort Douaumont (British/German)Edit

The Last battle of "The Battle of Verdun" and the Second chapter in Toy Soldiers, it ends with a costly Allied of "The Battle of Verdun".