The Great War Begins, is the first chapter and the opening of The First World War in the Campaign and Campaign+. All three battles are real events that took place during the First Battle of Ypres.


The Great War Begins, is the first section of the game starting in 1914 when Germany invades Belgium and France in a effort to control the European coast. However heavy resistance occurs when the British, French and Belgians rally at Ypres. This chapter marks the early battles of the war during Germany's invasion into Belgium and France, and has strong emphasis on Infantry attack, and the use and placement of lightweight units.


Langemarck 1914 (British /German )Edit

The first level of the campaign see the Germans staging an attack on the British positions at Langemarck.

In Campaign+, the Germans defend their positions from a British night raid.

Gheluvelt Chateau (British /German )Edit

The German Army pushes toward the center of the Ypes salient.

Nonne Bosschen Wood (British/German)Edit

Similar to the Battle Before Nonne Bosschen, the British Army hold Noone due to more available infantry forces. On top of this, the Allies now hold all the strategic points around Belgium, Marking a failure by the Germans to seize the Bellish Seaboard and a end of the First Battle of Ypre.


  • Langemarck was actually called "Langemark", but was mislabeled on both British and German maps.