Downloadable Content or DLC is video game materal that can be bought and downloaded via the internet for Toy Soldiers, or Toy Soldirs: Cold War via a credit card, or Microsoft points. DLC can apply to many things such as add-on campaigns, avatar items, themes, or videos related to that game, all of which will be listed in this page.


Campaigns are add-on chapters each featuring 3 new levels, a new army, and an all new boss. They cost 800 microsoft points a piece on Xbox Live and come free with your purchase of Toy Soldiers on Steam.

  1. The Kaisers Battle-French soldiers battle against the Germans in the final 3 battles of the war.
  2. Invasion!-The German soldiers fight against invading British forces using outer space weaponry.
  3. Napalm-
  4. Evil Empire-

Avatar ItemsEdit

Avatar items are additional pieces of clothing, toys, and props that can be bought for your Xbox Live avatar to wear or interact with, often taking the form of a toy from the game, an article of clothing the the "TS" logo on it, or a themes costume like the characters wear in-game. Toy Dirigable-The British Zeppelin boss flying over your avatars head.



Videos consist of trailers, reviews, and other promotional footage that can be downloaded in the Xbox Live marketplace or Steam store for free.

Toy Soldiers Trailer-


Themes are page layouts that can be purchased on Xbox Live that transforms your Xbox Live Dashboard into a stylized theme showing a specific background and other pieces and pictures in other areas that correspond to the layout of the theme.

Toy Soldiers Theme-


  • Early in Toy Soldiers release there was a Tsar tank prop purchasable in the Avatar marketplace that would drive around and interact with your avatar but was removed later on. (most likely due to its shotty design)