Elites are a type of infantry deployed againset you in Toy Soldiers. They are in smaller groups and are less frequently found in all levels. They usually come after a few infantry waves.


The Elites have more health than the average infantry man. But they lack the speed and numbers to really be effective. They use grenades and heavy machine guns when in action trying to damage the turrets you own. They will overrun you're toy box if you don't have enough turrets.(2 turrets that are anti-infantry will work actually pretty good) Just like infantry all turrets will work well against them. When in combat they are found in "Neat" lines waliking towards the you. They are easier to kill since the wait time between the soldiers is larger. They aren't really a threat unless combined with more waves or if you have less turrets/unsuitible turrets. Though Elites might seem intimidating they seem easy to take care of after enough levels of campaign.


  1. German elite
  2. British elite
  3. French elite


  • The machine guns the Elites use are modeled after the real Lewis machine gun used in WW1.
  • All Elites wear gas masks with different variations depending on the faction.
  • When using a certain leveled turret you can see Elites operating them.
  • In the avatar market place you can buy a British or German Elite costume
  • Elites can resist a little more gas than regular infantry for sometimes the effect wears off the Elite and they survive.
  • Elites are unique for being able to throw grenades and use their special machine guns.
  • Elites have a unique sound playing when deployed just like the calvary.( They come out of a building called the O'l Sweat Hole)