The French toy soldiers are 1 of 3 armies to command and conquer in Toy Soldiers. The French soldiers first fatured in the german campaign in the game,  their German rivals in. They are often seen fighting along side their British  allies, and finally playable in the campaign DLC The Kaisers Battle


The French army is relentless in fighting to stop the German advancement into Europe and are restless in their effort to protect their people and their homeland. The British are seen fighting along side them, lending them weapons and vehicles to help them combat the oncoming German advances. 


French soldiers are encountered wearing a special uniform known as horizon blue and headgear such as adrian helmets, berets and small hats known as kepis (usually worn by officers), they are armed with rifles fixed with bayonets and small pistols which they fire from time to time, these soldiers are shown with small black moustaches which they twiddle while saying "ho ho ho"


sfrench soldiers use mostly British weapons borrowed from their allies, the only exeptions are their own hotchkiss machine guns


the french vehicles are also borrowed from their allies which mostly have french colours painted on them




  • French officers can be seen wielding baguettes like sabers