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The German Army are first encountered as the opposing force against the British and French armies in the Campaign and The Kaisers Battle, but are a playable faction in Campaign+ and Invasion!


The German Army is relentless, pouring incalculable numbers of men and materiel into the fray. They've managed to bite and hold quite a bit of France and Belgium and won't give an inch. Though the German soldiers are plastic their will power is as strong as steel, stopping at nothing to gain full control over the battlefield.


German uniforms consist of a blue gray battle dress fashioned with an assorted pouch belt to carry supplies such as: food, ammo, and water; their headwear consists of blue-gray picklehaube helmets and berets, often being fashioned with a brass spike or eagle. They are seen carrying bayonet fixed rifles and pistols, often stopping to fire, and mercilessly impaling soldiers with their bayonets; but above all sport extravagant facial hair such as handlebar mustache, rugged beards, and goatees.


German weapons have a more sleek and compact appearance. instead of a thick mechanical one like the British. They show slimmer and more symmetrical designs with most devices encased inside, with a smooth clean design on the outside. Most of their turrets are green-gray.


German vehicles are often a thick military green with iron crosses painted on, and sometimes feature German names and other symbols paraded along the sides. German tanks are very thick and boxy with small small flat treads underneath giving them a distinct look parrelel to that of the British.




  • The German uniform color is called "feldgrau" (field gray) which is a medium gray tone with a mixture of either blue or green. Toy Soldiers sticks with a more blue mixture.