German infantry assembled in a trench

Infantry are simple foot soldiers that travel in large numbers ranging from as low as 20 to as high as 130 and are the main enemy type in Toy Soldiers, being featured in every level in Campaign and Campaign+. Their only mean of attack is to charge into your toy box and are the most numerous enemy in the Toy Soldiers franchise.


Classic Edit

Infantry consist of ground soldiers in battle dresses armed with helmets and bayonet fixed rifles. Infantry are the most common enemy in Campaign, Campaign+, and the DLCs. They are the most formidable of the Rusher variety coming from all directions towards one objective, full conquest of your toy box. Their speed is moderate but is limited due to their lack of balance and constant pauses to shoot, but easily make up for this weakness with their strength in numbers. The easiest way to handle infantry is with gas, machine guns, mortars, and especially barbed wire which proves extremely effective in slowing them down and making them much easier targets. Infantry tend to be the first enemy wave in most levels and tend to make up the majority of waves throughout the rest of a level.


  1. British infantry
  2. German infantry
  3. French infantry


  1. Cosmonaut


Elites are infantry soldiers dressed from head to toe in heavy battle armor that proves most effective in making it past your defenses and into your toy box, however they are one of the more rare enemies, appearing in only around half of the Campaign and Campaign+ levels. Though their health is increased substantially their speed is considerably lower and is coordinated in a straight line making them easier to pick off and reduces overrun for your turrets. Their attacks also differ from regular infantry due to the fact that they carry Lewis Machine Guns and are armed with grenades. They deal little damage, despite this. Due to their extensive armor most level 1 placements prove less than useful and are better off as level 2 or 3 in combat, mowing them down fast and easy.


  • Infantry are the only enemies to come out in advance, waiting in their trenches until the wave launches. This is an easy moneymaking trick seeing that they can be killed in large groups, leading to high cash flow and little resistance.
  • When an infantryman enters the toy box successfully they will celebrate by cheering and dancing.
  • Elites are one of the few enemies to not have a design change in either of the DLCs.
  • In the campaigns, when infantry from opposing sides meet each other on no-man's land, they will use bayonets on each other.
  • In the campaigns, if any of the player's infantry makes it to the enemy trench (which is unlikely, but possible) they enter the enemy infantry spawn.