A French Officer leading a group of soldiers.

Officers are infantry commanders who lead soldiers onto the battlefield.They are seen in each level of the Campaign and Campaign+ rallying, and leading both sides infantry. They have a few unique animations and wear much more noticeable clothing, but otherwise have no significant differences from regular infantry.


Captains are dressed in fancy clothing and headgear. Each Officer has a pistol and occasionally another item in each hand. Before the level or wave starts, they are seen pacing back and forth over soldier filled trenches, before sending them charging against the enemy.

Officers also adorn several turrets and will fire their pistols while the turret fires.


Each Officer has a unique hat for each country. Germany Officers wear an eagle-topped picklehaube, British Officers wear a cavalry hat, and French Officers wear blue and red kepis.


  • British Officers and Cavalry men share the same design.
  • French Officers can be seen wielding a baguette like a sabre.
  • The French Officer bears a distinct resemblance to the WWI General Joseph Joffre.