Ration tickets are a series of challenges that are featured in every level of campaign, and campaign+. Upon completion a trophy is earned, stored, and viewed in your Rations dump. Each challenge has a specific reward that all consist of military tech and supplies used during ww1 such as a gas mask, binoculars, and food eaten by troops in the trenches.


1. Langemarck (1914)-Score a 10x combo using a level 1 or 2 anti-infantry gun.


2. Gheluvelt Chateau-Use the howitzer to destroy three enemy barracks.

Bully Beef-

3. Nonne Bosschen Wood-Destroy 50 enemy infantry using gas.

Top Hole-

4. Fort Vaux-Shoot down five enemy aircraft with your biplane.


5. Hill Cote 304-Destroy the railyard and supplies.


6. Fort Douaumont-Destroy all the bonus targets


7. Zero Hour 07:20-Destroy all enemy emplacements


8. "U" Day-Destroy five enemy tanks using your Whippet tank.


9. Battle of the Ancre-Get a 10x blast multiplier using your Whippet tank.


10. Langemarck (1917)-Get a 25x blast multiplier.


11. Polygon Wood-Snipe three enemy soldirs with one shot.

Crow's Feet-

12. The Spring Offensive-Attain a total of $15,000 on this level.

Cut Throat-


Name Level How to obtain

1. Langemarck (1914)+-Kill five enemy soldiers by blowing up a barrel.

Fleisch Extract-One packet of meat extract. The packet contains three soupbase cubes ham, chicken, and mystery meat. The ration is a palm sized box of assorted meats.

2. Gheluvelt Chateau+-Snipe or shoot four toy soldiers on display.

3. Nonne Bosschen Wood+-

4. Fort Vaux+-

5. Hill Cote 304+-

6. Fort Douaumont+-

7. Zero Hour 07:20+-

8. "U" Day+-

9. Battle of the Ancre+-Destroy all enemy observation balloons.

Mollen-Bottles of beer. Good for drinking or using as a visual aid for songs in times of boredom. The ration is a green beer bottle.

10. Langemarck (1917)+

11. Polygon Wood+-Snipe 11 enemy soldiers with one clip.

Gumm maske-When it comes to protecting your lungs from poisonous gas, fashion and comfort are the unfortunate victims. A brown rubber gas mask.

12. The Spring Offensive+-find and destroy five platinum breakable objects.

Scranzzeug-Entrenching tool. Best used as a digging implement, but can really make a dent in hand-to-hand combat. The ration is a short handled shovel.

- - -


  • an extra 25th ration can be earned in the campaign+ rations dump upon completion of destroying all 24 golden cubes in Campaign and Campaign+.
  • The achievment Brass Hat is earned when all Rations on Campaign+ are earned. It is the only achievment that involves rations.
  • In the DLC level Blucher-Yorck there is an open British Soldiers box with several rations inside. These rations being Aspirin, Ghar, Gaspers, Kern Ingwerbonbons, and Fleisch Extract.