Signal Toys is the in-game company that produces the titular Toy Soldiers. They are located in Bothell, Washington. Signal Toys has also distributed a number of other toy lines besides Toy Soldiers such as their line of Science kits,

Toy SoldiersEdit

Toy Soldiers is a strategic battle game of skill and defense created by Signal Toys that consists of three opposing armies: German, British, and French fighting in a World War 1 setting with the use of weapon placements, and vehicles. The game is played by pitting two armies against each other and launching numerous waves of infantry and vehicles to invade the others toy box, placing units such as cannons, mortars, and machine guns to defend them. All three armies have different weapon and vehicle designs, but have identical stats, leaving strategy and skill the deciding factors. The game features six defensive units, each with their own strengths and abilities to combat certain enemies, cannons and mortars being best used against enemy units and vehicles; Gas and Machine guns working best against infantry but poorly for vehicles; Anti-air used only for combating aerial enemies, and lastly barbed wire being used as a means of slowing down enemy infantry but proving ineffective against vehicles. Signal Toys later went on to create two add-on series The Kaisers Battle, and Invasion! Both featuring new toys and a different story line that extends onto the original.

Toy Soldiers: Cold WarEdit

The Cold War series of toys were models of the various vehicles and units used by NATO and the Warsaw Pact Powers.

Trivia Edit

  • Signal Toys is based off of the makers of the game, Signal Studios and shares the same location of Bothell Washington as their headquarters.