Sniper Towers are a small 3-by-3 wooden tower mounted on a stand, occupied by a total of 5 rifle armed soldiers and a captain on deck observing the battlefield through a large mounted spyglass, locating the enemy and aiming them out for the marksmen. Sniper towers are featured in numerous levels throughout Toy Soldiers, acting as anti-infantry units proving effective against: infantry, cavalry, elites, and even the occasional chopper, making them an effective weapon when it is avaliable.


The Sniper tower is a personally controlled unit located usually right beside, or in front of the Toy Box that is used to take down light enemies such as infantry, cavalry, and elites.


  • The Sniper tower is one of the few units not to reappear in Toy Soldiers: Cold War.
  • Since the tower is aimed from a first person perspective it's unknown which of the five marksman are firing, whether it being one or all.
  • The sniper tower is the only unit in the game that is completely invincible.
  • If you are playing the game with another player in versus mode, you can actually snipe certain marksman from the other players tower. Some can be killed, others are invincible. If, however, you're opponent is sniping, you can shoot his sniper and cause him to shake, stopping him from making an accurate shot for a few seconds.