This page is for Toy Soldiers as it was originally released on Xbox Live Arcade and PC.

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Toy Soldiers is a tower defense video game released on March 3rd, 2010 for Xbox 360 and April 27th, 2012 for PC. It's initial release was part of the "Summer of Arcade" program. It was Signal Studios first major release. The game was built around a First World War theme, basing it's various levels off of actual battles in the war.

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The basic gameplay of Toy Soldiers is tower defense. Players build turrets on specific blocks at choke points around a map. Enemy units attempt to push through or destroy these turrets and reach the player's Toybox. For every unit that enters, the player loses one hit-point. Once the player's hit-points reach zero, it's game over. The enemy comes in waves of specific units, which the player must survive to pass the level. Waves have a count down timer and may be initiated early. Despite the tower defense genre being very common, Toy Soldiers brought many unique elements to the genre. Players can control their turrets directly for a boost in reload and firing speed. Special units may also be controlled, such as planes, tanks and snipers.

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Toy Soldiers has four campaigns, British, German, French and a second German. The first three campaigns are based on actual battles in the First World War, while the second German campaign is a fantasy scenario.


Survival is an endless mode where the player defends their toy box against ever increasing waves of enemies.


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Versus Mode

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On June 30th 2010 The Kaiser's Battle expansion was released. It featured a mini-campaign of three single player levels, a new boss, two new multiplayer maps, and three achievements.

On September 29th 2010 the second expansion Invasion! was released. It featured another three level mini-campaign, another new boss, three more achievements, a new survival level, as well as a plethora of new units.

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