The Uberbaby is a large armored enemy with a single tread that rushes your toy box. They are usually encountered coming out of the Uber Tank in the Battle of the Angre and levels after.


The Uberbaby is a large armored vehicle consisting of a metal body and a large single tread wrapped around it. The Uberbaby is the only ground-based Rusher, meaning that it's only objective is to make a straight path towards your toybox. The Uberbaby is completly unarmed with no machine guns or artillery of any kind, but what the Uberbaby lacks in offense, it makes up in defense. It is armored with a thick outershell, making it one of the strongest enemies in the game.


It cannot attack units with any sort of weaponary, but it can run over units and will cause damage to any vehicles it comes into contact with. It is extremely tough, considerably more than tanks but can still be killed by a single shot from a fully upgraded howitzer. Their speed is generally equal to any other tanks and are usually encountered in large numbers so it's neccessary to have fully upgraded howitzers to combat their toughness. If they are too much to handle for your turrets alone then getting in a tank, and continuously shooting them with turret support is a good tactic, however without turret support they'll definately gain ground giving them a better chance of making it to your Toy Box. However bombing them is probably the best tactic, as their sluggish speed gives you plenty of time to bomb and destroy them.


These can be hard to handle in multiplayer as they can take more than one salvo of shells from a player controlled tank (since the tank can only fire a certain amount of shells before it has to reload), and since most multiplayer maps tend to be relatively small, howitzer placments are very limited. And due to the small gap between the two defenses they have a small length to travel making them an extremely effective weapon in multiplayer.


  • The Uberbaby is based on the Boirault machine (No2) built in 1916 France.and is weak to mother and big bursa