Two players engaging in an aerial battle in split-screen mode

Versus mode, also known as Multiplayer, is the competitive gametype for both Toy Soldiers and Toy Soldiers:Cold War. It consists of the usual play-style of turret-based defense, but it also has you sending units to attack your opponent's Toy Box. Versus mode is playable through an active internet connection with a friend or randomly matched opponent, and is also playable in split-screen mode on the same television.


Defending your toybox is very similar to the campaign and survival modes. You must build strategically placed turrets around the battlefield to ensure that little to no enemy units enter your toybox. There are operable vehicles you can use to additionally defend your base. In the original Toy Soldiers, you can use your sniper tower to fire at enemy soldiers. In Toy Soldiers:Cold War, you can earn barrages to take out large amounts of enemy units. You can also place barbed wire near the entrance of the toybox to slow down enemy soldiers.


Specific to versus mode, you can send in large amounts of units to attack the enemy. These can range anywhere from tanks to biplanes to atvs depending on which game you're playing. In Toy Soldiers:Cold War, barrages play a bigger role in versus mode, as they can be bought for a large amount of money as well as earned the traditional way. Attacking your opponent at a steady pace as well as tactically choosing which units to unleash is vital if you want to defeat the other player.