Whippets are the second British tank introduced in the game. They are similar to the Big Wille tank, having a turret primary weapon and an anti-infantry secondary weapon. Whippets have a poison gas secondary, while Big Wille has flamethrowers.

The Whippet makes appearances in the mid to late campaign, often as the tank counterpart to the Sopwith Camel fighter plane. (Big Wille's plane counterpart is the Vickers Vimy bomber)

Despite it's name, the whippet has only a slightly faster speed as the other tanks. It is smaller and lighter, but that can lead to it getting stuck in the trenches rather that crossing over them.

In normal versus mode, the British side can send out a wave of 6 whippets from the offensive wave menu, along with bombers and cavalry. In the tank combat versus mode, the whippet is the British light tank wave, along with armoured cars and heavy tanks. The tank combat map (Battle of Cambrai) also has a Whippet that the player can take direct control of.

The Whippet's German counterpart is the AV7, but both tanks are reskins of each other.

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